Week Five

We are now starting Week 5 of being home. Steve and I were talking last night about when Brandon could maybe return to day program. I am hopeful it could be within the next couple of weeks. But I will understand if it can’t.

The order in our county was for day programs, day cares, etc. to remain open for those essential workers who need it to be able to work. I do not fall in that category. I do not have a job outside of our home. So Brandon is staying home with me and Josh.

I am including some pictures of Brandon and Josh because they are spending more time together during this time and I love to see them interacting.

Brandon loves giving fist bumps with Josh.

Would it be easier to send him to day program? Of course it would. He would be able to see his friends and get out of the house. And, quite honestly, he would get a break from me.

But here is what keeps me up at night about that. If he gets sick and requires hospitalization, he would have to be there by himself. Especially if he gets Covid19. His communication skills in the best of circumstances are limited. Without Steve or I to interpret what he means, how would anyone know what he needs? He would be so scared without all the things that give him peace and comfort.

And what if I get sick with Covid19? I would have to isolate myself or potentially be admitted to the hospital. Then who stays with Brandon? Thankfully, Steve and Alex get to go to work. Joshua has said he would not know how to care for Brandon. What would happen then? He wouldn’t be able to go to day program if any of us are infected.

Brandon is always sniffing our dog, Gucci. And Gucci lets him, multiple times daily.

So, we stay home. Week 5. I miss my friends. I miss my family. I miss seeing my parents who are in a long term care facility. I know Brandon misses his friends, too. He misses Lorie. And he has asked about my brother. He looks at pictures of Grandma E. and Grandma and Grandpa B. who will visit when it is safe to do so.

So, while we are stuck at home, we know it will not be forever and that it is for the best.

Hang in there everyone and please keep washing those hands!

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