Cow Elk???

Some things I have learned about and from Brandon since we have been stuck together at home:

Earlier, Brandon let me know he needs a new swing. He is right and I was so happy he told me! A new one has been ordered.

He loves French fries cooked in the air fryer, but they have to be almost burned. Josh made some for himself earlier and cooked them too long. As he was making more, Brandon ate the burned ones, but didn’t want the not burned fries. Who knew?

Brandon was always my one child who would put his dirty clothes in the hamper after his bath. Not anymore. However, his brothers and father now do. Go figure.

This is not the hamper.

He does not like blue or orange koolaid. Only red for him and we always use sugar free. But orange soda is his favorite.

Brandon understands what “shut up” means. He was talking with Steve the other night, I interrupted and he quite emphatically told me to “shut up.” So…I shut up. Wonder where he heard that? Okay…I may have used that phrase more than once. I shall work on that.

Last night, when we were outside, Brandon and Steve were talking about animals. Brandon wanted to talk about the cow elk. I started laughing. Brandon continued with “cow elk black nose antlers.” Apparently, a cow elk is a real thing. I guess I missed that one at Cabelas.

Cow Elk

Brandon loves the flowers Steve brought home for me. He has gone outside 4-5 times today to smell them. They are pretty!

All the sweet gum balls in the back yard do not bother his feet. He jumps on them and does not flinch. I, on the other hand, hate them.

Stay well, everyone! Keep washing those hands. And keep learning about those you love!

One thought on “Cow Elk???

  1. Janet Hughes says:

    Just WOW Regina, and Steve too for your additions. I can not begin to express how much I am loving your daily blog posts. I am getting to see pictures of my grandsons often which I dearly love. I feel like I am much more informed and part of life in your home. You two are just the best parents that I can possibly imagine❣️❣️❣️

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