He Did It!!!

Brandon started talking about going to the market last night. The market close to our house is locally owned and, under normal circumstances, we go there quite a bit.

Brandon has not been out of the house, except for the back yard, walks with family, and a few car rides in five weeks. I tried a couple weeks ago to get him to wear a mask and he let me know that was not going to happen.

Earlier this week, a friend of mine (thank you, Jane!), sent me a social story about mask wearing. Brandon and I have read it many times. This morning, Brandon asked about going to the market. So, I, again, pulled out the social story.

When he was done reading it, Brandon asked me for help with his mask! Woo Hoo! He is wearing it!

I was a bit worried about him keeping it on when in the store, but he did great. He said hello to the employees who all know him by name. They were happy to see him and Brandon was thrilled to get his chips, cheese sticks, and soda.

When we got home, Josh and I wiped our purchases with our clean up wipes. Then we washed our hands and Brandon finally got to eat.

It was a good morning and Brandon told me several times that he had a fun time at the market.

Stay well everyone and keep washing those hands!

7 thoughts on “He Did It!!!

  1. Katie MacMillan says:

    Way to go mom! Way to go Brandon! Way to go Josh!
    I wear my mask for any needed outings too. I hate it and I can’t breathe right which is lousy. Still so glad to be healthy and have a mask that I can take off when I am home.
    Be safe and stay well.
    Much love — I hope we can see each other in person one day when this is all over.

    • stlautismmom says:

      Thank you! I finally figured out out to wear my mask up under my glasses so they don’t fog up with every breath. 😂 And yes…we will see each other in the future. You and yours stay well, also!

  2. Janet Hughes says:

    So happy to hear that Brandon was willing to wear his mask today! I have a hunch that it will click with him as he internalizes that he was able to get his favorite snack again at the store where everyone knows him. It was also you Regina, working with Brandon and reading the book that made the difference! I’m still loving the pictures that I get to see every day also❣️❣️

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