Some Good News

We are bored. Currently, we are watching Season 5, Episode 17 of The Simpson’s. Every day is beginning to feel like the day before. I am hopeful that Brandon will be able to return to day program soon. I do hope that I get to visit with family soon. But for now, we wait.

Brandon loves dancing to The Simpson’s theme song.

Brandon’s graduation had been scheduled for May 10. Obviously, that isn’t happening and I do understand why. I received an email earlier this week from Brandon’s teacher. She was letting all us parents know that they have scheduled two alternate dates for his graduation.

A snippet of the email sent from Brandon’s teacher. We miss you, too!!!!

Honestly, I cried when I read this. I know the teachers, therapists, and paras want this for the students as much as the parents do. We all want to celebrate our kids accomplishment.

I’ve seen memes and comments on social media about how there are worse things in the world than missing a graduation ceremony. That is true. But…our children also get to be sad about missing these milestones. And us parents do, too.

Steve and I have two boys who were slated to graduate this spring. Brandon was able to stay in school until he was 21 and Josh is currently a senior. Josh’s band director called me the other day to let me know the band trip to Hawaii is being canceled. This makes me sad for Josh that he will miss this opportunity. No, it isn’t the worse thing in the world, but we are still disappointed.

Both schools have alternate graduation dates set. I hope and pray these can happen. I want to personally thank the folks at Brandon’s school for helping him become the wonderful young man he is today. For their tireless dedication and devotion to all the students.

Steve and I have had people tell us how wrong we were to have Brandon attend a self contained school for those with disabilities. That we should have had him attending classes and participating in activities with people of all abilities. Because, you know…they know what is best for our child (sarcasm intended).

I will say again how much I disagree with this. It is a deeply personal decision and parents decisions should be respected, not ridiculed. We made the best decision for our son and we can not wait to celebrate Brandon’s graduation with them.

Stay well everyone! And for other seniors out there (and their parents), don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be a bit sad about all of this. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments…you deserve it!

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  1. Robyn says:

    I agree, it is very sad that your boys are facing losing so much in trips and graduations. My fingers are crossed that you get to keep the new dates set!

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