A Better Sunday

Well, it’s Sunday and the past couple Sundays have not been great. I am happy to report that today, so far, is going very well. There have been no tantrums and, more importantly, no meltdowns. Woo Hoo!

What is different about today? I’m not sure, but it is really nice out. The sun is shining and it is warm. Steve and I decided to get out and take a drive. Of course, Brandon came along with us and we had a great time.

I am always amazed at Brandon’s sense of direction. We got on the interstate, drove a few miles, and he started saying “turn left”. He was correct. Once we turned left onto I-64 (or, as we say in St. Louis, 40), Brandon began saying Dinosaur Center. This is what he calls the Science Center.

The Dinosaur Center

We told him it is still closed, so he was happy driving by and waving at it. Then Brandon starting saying “zoo”. He loves the carousel at the zoo, but, of course, the zoo is also closed. We waved at the zoo, also. This made him happy. And we talked about some of the animals at the zoo.

St. Louis has a wonderful zoo!

We ended up at our friend Rick’s house. I had made some banana bread and wanted to share. I also miss my friend. We visited for a bit outside, respecting social distancing. Brandon was very happy to see Rick!

Rick and Brandon

On our way home, we were playing 80’s music in the car. Brandon really liked Survivor’s “High On You” and asked us to turn it up. He didn’t even seem to mind Steve and I singing along, which is unusual as he generally says “no thank you” when we start singing.

When we got home, after we all washed our hands, Brandon had his cheese hot dogs with more cheese on top and some chips. Then, he and Steve talked about the animals at Cabelas, including the buffaloaf (that’s what he calls the buffalo).

It is a beautiful day in St. Louis and I am glad we were able to get out for a bit. Stay well everyone and keep washing those hands!

2 thoughts on “A Better Sunday

  1. Janet Hughes says:

    SO glad that you could get out today with Brandon and you certainly stopped by all the right places for a wave and some discussion!! I really long for a visit to the zoo and to be outside….fortunately you are able to do this, sure, right, at least drive by, but ….yes, we had a beautiful almost 70 degree day yesterday. I cleaned the sunroom and now today it is raining and will snow up to 6” tonight. So goes life. I love your blog and definitely helps me to feel connected. Regina, between you and my cousin’s Sunday sermons online, I am feeling…. well, good!

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