Week Six

We are now starting week six of being at home. Missouri’s stay at home order is set to expire on May 4. However, St. Louis county, where we live, has extended the stay at home order indefinitely. I do not really know how one order affects the other, but I do think Brandon and I will be home together for awhile more.

I talked about yesterday being a better Sunday. And it was. It was better than the previous two Sundays. There were no meltdowns. But, as the day went on, there were several tantrums.

Brandon seems to be hyper focused on animals again. Looking at pictures didn’t help. Virtual tours of Cabelas and the zoo did not help. He wanted to talk about the animals he wanted to talk about only. And he wanted to do this every 10 minutes or so.

It became increasingly difficult to have a conversation with anyone else. There was a lot of angry jumping last night. More things were broken. A coffee cup. More of our bamboo flooring in our family room. There is now a new hole in the wall behind the tv.

My oldest son wanted to watch a tv show with me. Have you all seen Riverdale? This what Alex and I watched. I am hooked. But,it was hard to watch, because of Brandon’s tantrums. Steve did his best to run interference, but it was difficult.

Alex and I did our best to ignore Brandon’s tantrums, but it was hard. Brandon was in our faces saying “talk about animals” over and over and over. And, again, there was a lot of angry jumping.

He finally went to sleep around 11pm. I was hopeful a good night’s sleep would improve Brandon’s mood. I was wrong. He woke up and immediately started talking about animals. But he wanted to talk with dad about them. Steve is at work. It is Monday and Steve gets to go to work on Mondays.

So…more angry jumping. Another coffee cup broken. Brandon wanted to watch The Simpson’s, but the tv wasn’t working right. I rebooted the entire system and finally got that working. By the time I did that, Brandon no longer wanted The Simpson’s. Just animals.

And then, I broke down. I started crying and couldn’t stop. It wasn’t one of those soft crying with just a few tears. It was full on sobbing and a very ugly cry. Alex came out from his room and made Brandon go outside for a bit.

Alex went to the gas station and brought me back a Starbucks Frappuccino. And that small, sweet gesture made me cry some more. Brandon was still outside at that point. But he was looking in the window at me. Yes, he saw all my ugly crying. He opened the door and said “quiet body.”

And just like that, it was over. Brandon came in, got his iPod, and started listening to Deck the Halls. And he is calm. And lovely. And sweet. I got kisses on my head. And a small hug.

He wants McDonalds for lunch. He is doing his best to earn that. And Josh offered to stay with Brandon while I go to McDonalds so I can get out of the house by myself for just a bit.

So, as we start week six of staying at home, I would ask everyone to remember all the parents out there who are caring for our kids with special needs. This is hard for everyone. But we will get through it!! And I am so thankful I have the help and support of my husband, Alex, and Josh.

Stay well everyone!

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