A Good Tuesday

Today is definitely a better day. One of the things I have noticed about Brandon’s autism…once he is done being mad at me, he’s done. With my other children, that is not always the case. Those two can hold onto it for days. Not Brandon.

Brandon woke up early today, while I was on the phone with my brother. I spoke a bit quieter and held my breath a little to see what would happen. He whispered “animals”, laid down on the couch, and went back to sleep. Woo Hoo! Good start to the day!

When he woke up, I asked him if he wanted to help me clean. Nope. But he did want to look up movie clips and animals on his white top. That’s his laptop, which is white. The computer in his room is the blacktop, because it is black. Everything is based on colors for our Brandon.

I was a bit worried when Steve texted me to let me know he was coming home from work early. What I have noticed over the past six weeks, is Brandon’s behavior is a bit better when it is just me and him. The weekends are a bit harder.

I’m not sure why this is. Am I more clear in my expectations with Brandon? There is no doubt about that. But Steve is the one he wants to talk with about animals. Steve is working on being a bit more clear on how that works. Five animals and that’s it until the next time.

Steve is also learning that Brandon is more patient when he knows when the next time is. Currently, they are working on 30 minutes between animal conversations.

Steve had a conference call with his co-workers when he got home. I was really, really, really worried about how that would go. Would Brandon bother him about animals? Would he get angry and start jumping when Steve couldn’t? I was anxious and worried for no reason. Brandon sat in his room and played Mario Kart the entire time. Win win for everyone!

Josh and I are headed out to the pharmacy to pick up medicine and Brandon gets to stay with dad. Honestly, Brandon really likes his private time with Steve. I am glad they are getting this time today.

Thank you to all my friends who reached out over the past couple of days. I was definitely stressed, definitely anxious, and absolutely worn out. The texts and Facebook messages and virtual hugs were so very needed and appreciated. Thank you!

Stay well friends and continue washing those hands.

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