Brandon and I are bored. Today, we have watched The Simpsons. We have talked about animals a few times. We have talked about going to the dinosaur center. We have checked the tomato plants Brandon and Josh planted last week. No sprouts yet.

Brandon has watched Bear in the Big Blue House on his laptop. I have given kisses on his forehead. He has given me kisses on my forehead. He made himself a bowl of melted cheese.

Brandon went to the gas station with me this morning. I wasn’t missing $1.61 per gallon. It started raining hard on the way there and he let me know he would “stay in car” but he did put his mask on. He also let me know he wanted an orange soda and Skittles. I got those for him.

We made red koolaid together and then he drank some. We haven’t gone outside too much since it has rained A LOT today.

Our city and county opened some of the public parks yesterday. I was hopeful we would be able to get out and enjoy a couple of those. Nope. Cold and rainy. When there was a break in the rain, I asked Brandon if he wanted to go for a quick walk. “No thank you walk.”

Sweet picture of all my boys when they were so little. Not the best pic of me, but Brandon, Alex, and Josh look adorable!

I guess I should say I am bored. Brandon has been wonderful all day long. There have been no tantrums or meltdowns since Monday evening.

I am so very thankful for that, but I am still bored. I tried singing some songs, but Brandon very politely told me “no thank you mom sing.”

I am worried that Brandon is getting too use to being at home. That when it is safe to send him back to day program, he won’t want to go. The past two nights, before bed, he has said “no day program.” This worries me.

He needs somewhere to go during the day. He needs to be around other people (so do I). He needs to have adult interaction with his peers. He needs to see someone other than me, Steve, and his brothers.

Brandon is no longer a child, but the need for consistency still exists for him.

Tomorrow, I shall call the day program to check in. I will ask what the county orders look like after May 4. This is the date the governor of Missouri said places could start opening. What will day program look like? Are they able to ensure social distancing? Is it still going to be open for those who only need it to be able to work?

I know we aren’t the only ones feeling this boredom. I know we aren’t the only ones with this sense of the unknown. I do find comfort in knowing it isn’t just us. But I also worry about what is next and what that looks like.

Brandon likes routine and structure and continuity. What happens next?

Stay well friends and keep washing those hands. By the way, Brandon has gotten really good at washing his during this time!

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