The Phone Call

We have had a nice, quiet weekend. Brandon has been content and happy and reasonably quiet. No tantrums and no meltdowns. I hope I didn’t just jinx that!

Last night, we sat outside for awhile (we are missing our St. Louis Cardinals on TV) and enjoyed the warmer weather. Our new neighbors had some friends over and it was wonderful to hear people having fun in their back yard.

Brandon hung out with us for awhile and decided at one point that he really likes me. I like him, too!

He loves his new swing. Around 10pm, he went out and sat in it for about 20 minutes. He came inside, said “go to bed”, and we didn’t see him again until this morning. The fresh air is doing all of us some good.

My nephew visited with us this morning for some coffee. He also provided guidance on some home improvement projects we would like to do. Brandon hung out with us for awhile.

While my nephew was here, I was telling him I wish Brandon could return to day program soon. We want it to be safe, of course, but he needs to have somewhere to go during the day. He needs to be with people his own age and with someone other than me all the time.

About 15 minutes after he left, my phone rang. It was the director of the day program. They are opening back up tomorrow!!! Do we want Brandon to return? Yes, yes, yes!!

Of course, I had lots of questions. How does social distancing work? Are masks worn by those clients who will tolerate them? What about staff? Are staff and clients screened before coming in?

Social distancing…they will do their best to keep folks to 10 people in a room. Masks…clients will be encouraged to wear them. Staff will be wearing them. Screening…temperatures will be taken upon arrival and parents will be called if the temp is elevated for us to come get him.

She also said something that made a ton of sense to me. The staff do not want to get sick, either. They do not want the Coronavirus or Covid-19. I am certain they will do everything in their power to ensure all is well.

Steve and I spent about 2 minutes discussing this. Yes, Brandon will be going to day program tomorrow. We told him and his response was “no day program.” Brandon has become use to being home with me all day, every day.

Steve and I reminded him that he will be able to see his friends and play on the computers. I will make sure his iPod is charged and ready to go. I don’t think Brandon is as excited as I am, but I am hopeful he has a wonderful first day back.

I would ask everyone to keep Brandon in their thoughts, along with all of his friends returning to program tomorrow. And with the staff who are providing such an important, wonderful service for our children.

Stay well everyone and keep washing those hands!

3 thoughts on “The Phone Call

  1. Katie says:

    Progress —- do think Brandon thinks the day program is scary now because of all the things that have been going on and he doesn’t see the change that would mean time to go back? Lots of reassurances which I know you guys provide and all of the loving kind support will get him settled in & excited everyday again I bet.
    Lots of hand washing, distancing – be safe and much love to all.

    • stlautismmom says:

      I’m not sure. He has been very calm and pleasant since we told him. I wonder if he isn’t, at some level ready to go back. I hope it goes well.

  2. Janet says:

    So happy to hear this news and I’ll be praying that all goes well tomorrow for Brandon and everyone involved. I’ll be anxious to hear how the day goes!!

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