First Day Back

I woke Brandon up at 7:15. He took the covers off his head, looked at me, and said “no day program.” Ugh. But he got up, got dressed, and took his medicine. And then we sat and waited for the van. I did offer him some breakfast, but he refused, which is typical.

Brandon kept saying he didn’t want to go. I was beginning to second guess myself. Are we making the right decision?

I asked him questions…”why don’t you want to go?” He responded “stay home.” I talked with Brandon about how we can’t stay home forever and that he would get to see his friends. And that he wouldn’t have to spend all day with me.

When it was time to wait for the van, Brandon sat on the couch and just stared at me. I asked him to put his shoes on, he said “no thank you.” I questioned Brandon some more about why he didn’t want to go. He finally said “school.” And my heart broke just a bit.

I know Brandon misses school. I know he misses his teacher, the paras, the therapists, the ladies in the front office. I did my best to explain to him that now that he is 21, school is finished and he can’t go back as a student. We may be able to visit some day, but he will never be a student there again.

I pulled out the social story about day program that his teacher had sent home months ago. Brandon read it to me and we talked some more about seeing his friend, Sammi, at day program. He finally put his shoes on and we waited on the porch for the van.

Brandon did ask to stay home tonight. Yes! We will stay home tonight. And he asked for dad to talk about animals when he gets home from work. I assured him I would make that happen (and I did).

When Brandon got home, he came in, washed his hands, asked about animals, said “stay home”, and started watching videos on his laptop. I asked if he had a fun day, he said “yes, Sammi.” And then my heart melted a bit.

Stay well everyone!

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