Quiet and Thankful

Last night was interesting. Brandon napped for a bit and put himself to bed at 9:45pm. That is the earliest he has gone to bed in weeks. Day program must have wore him out yesterday.

This morning, it was fairly easy to wake Brandon up. Same routine as yesterday…up, dressed, medicine, refused breakfast, wait for the van. And he only said “no day program” twice. But he also made me promise dad will talk about animals with him when dad gets home from work. I can absolutely make that happen.

I didn’t do much yesterday. My house needs a good cleaning. Closets need some organizing. Laundry could be done. And yesterday, I did none of that. I took the day off. And it was marvelous.

I watched some reality shows (my guilty pleasure, don’t judge me), talked with my brother on the phone, and texted with a couple of friends. I miss you Jessica and Rick! Thank you so much for checking on me!

Today, I have done some cleaning. We have enough clean clothes, so laundry can wait. And you know what I have noticed? My house is quiet. Very quiet. Alex is at work. Josh is in his room. Maybe doing some schoolwork, but probably playing online games with his friends.

I thought I would enjoy the quiet. I thought I would welcome the peace. And I do. But I am also missing Brandon. He has been with me day and night for six weeks. He has been my buddy, the one I talk to, even if he doesn’t respond.

I love this picture!

Brandon and I took walks, we worked on a puzzle, we watched 6 seasons of The Simpson’s, we made lunch, we listened to music, we read some books, we took drives. My son and I got to know each other better during this time.

I learned how to interact with Brandon as a 21 year old young man. He is no longer a child. So…while I am happy he has been able to return to day program, I am also thankful we had this time together.

And my house is very, very quiet. Stay well everyone and keep washing those hands.

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