Yesterday was Brandon’s second day back at day program. I am certain the employees (who I am so very thankful for) are doing their best to follow the health guidelines set by our local government.

How do I know this? Brandon got off the van, ran into the house, looked at me and said “no thank you wash hands.” Ha! Apparently, he washed his hands at day program more than he thought necessary. I still made him wash his hands.

I always ask how his day went…who he saw, what he did, what did he have for lunch, things like that. The answers for yesterday were….Chip and Stephanie, games, and spaghetti.

Stephanie? Who is Stephanie? What about Sammi? I asked Brandon about this and he let me know he likes Stephanie better than Sammi. I think maybe my son has some fans of the female persuasion. He is a handsome young man!

Look at that handsome face!

Like most of us, we are tired of being at home and not seeing our friends. Brandon heard Steve and I talking about our friends, Jessica and Caleb. They have a power washer we are borrowing. Brandon interrupted and said “Caleb’s house please.”

I have tried to explain social distancing to Brandon. I have explained to him that he needs to not smell people or touch others faces during this time. Brandon can sniff my hair and touch my face all he wants, but not others. Steve and I talked with Brandon on the way to our friends house.

It didn’t work. We pulled in their driveway, Brandon go out of the truck, immediately ran up to Caleb, hugged him and sniffed him. I guess Brandon has missed him, too.

I think I know why Brandon likes Jessica and Caleb. Brandon looked in their back yard and said “swing please.” Caleb knew exactly what he was talking about. He went into the yard and put the yellow swing in the tree for my Brandon.

Thank you, Caleb, for having the yellow swing.

Brandon was happy. And Steve and I visited with our friends for awhile. I am so thankful for all of our friends who accept Brandon for exactly who he is. For friends who have items at their homes they know my son loves. For friends who let Brandon sniff and hug them. Thank you!!!

Stay well everyone and keep washing your hands!

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  1. Janet Hughes says:

    Yes, Gramma Hughes agrees that Brandon is a handsome young man❣️❣️❣️ And yes, thank God for good friends!

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