Much Needed Visit

Oh my gosh, I needed today. Brandon went off to day program this morning with no problems at all. Before he left, he made sure he gets to stay home tonight and that dad will talk with him about animals when he gets home from work.

One of things Brandon did say before he left was “Grandpa” and he was talking about my father. I asked Brandon about that and he said “pink cookies.” The pink cookies are from the pastry shop in my hometown. I guess I will be ordering some. Of course, I love them, too. And I love that Brandon associates those with Grandpa.

When Brandon left, I called and talked with my sister-in-law for awhile. I am missing my family! Then, my friend, Rick, came over to hang out, from a safe distance, of course. We ordered lunch and sat on my patio to eat. My oldest son, Alex, joined us and it was lovely.

Rick and I watched a couple episodes of “Downton Abbey.” How in the world have I not watched this before now? Anyone who knows me well knows of my love for all things royal. I will be watching more when Brandon goes to bed tonight!

Being the mother of a child with autism is challenging. It is hard and there were times in the past six weeks I have been quite lonely. I love Brandon and spending so much time with him has helped our relationship. I do believe he and I understand each other so much better than we did six weeks ago.

But, besides my husband, my extended family and friends are what get me through. I will always be grateful for their unending support and shoulders to cry on when needed.

It has been hard not being able to see friends during this time. Having Rick over today was what I needed. Being able to talk about something other than animals, Mario Kart, and cheese hot dogs was good for my mood.

And then it was time for Brandon to come home. He bounded in the door and I didn’t even have to remind him to wash his hands. Routine is good for my Brandon. I did have to ask him what he was eating before he came home. Apparently, he will eat Cheetos at program, but not at home. I asked if he wanted me to buy some for home. “No thank you Cheetos home.”

And then Steve got home and, of course, they talked about animals. He loves animals and we are hoping we can go to Cabelas soon. Fingers crossed!!

Stay well everyone and be like Brandon….wash your hands!

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