He Wants To Go!!

Last night, it happened! It finally happened! Brandon said “no stay home” instead of “no day program.” He WANTS to go to day program!

He has talked about Sammi, Stephanie, Mia, Destiny, and a couple other names I didn’t understand. His verbal skills are limited, but what I took from the conversation was that he is making friends!

Brandon told me about playing on the computers, eating tacos for lunch, and of course the Cheetos. And he kept saying “no stay home.”

Waiting for the van…he did finally put shoes on.

He woke up around 5:45am today. Thank heavens my wonderful hubby got up with him. Steve said he was saying “no stay home.” He was excited to be going to program!

When I woke up, Brandon greeted me with “no stay home.” I assured him he was going on the van today. I did remind him he gets to stay home tomorrow, since tomorrow is Saturday. He was okay with that.

After being home for six weeks, I thought it might take longer for Brandon to settle into the new routine. But, my child is a champ!

When he got home this afternoon, after washing his hands independently, Brandon let me know he is staying home tonight. Yes, yes he is. Steve talked with the lady driving the van. Apparently, there was an “incident” today that ended with Brandon getting scratched on the neck.

I did not get a call, but probably should have. I’m not upset about no call, but am curious about how it happened. The van driver thought Brandon may have gotten too close to one of the young ladies.

My thoughts about that? Natural consequence is what it is. I have told Brandon for years that one of these days, someone is not going to want him to sniff them. I think today may have been that day. When I ask Brandon about it, he just says “scratch.” No details at all. Typical Brandon.

A friend of mine from high school let me know that today at 5:12pm, a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber would be doing a flyover of the St. Louis area in support of those on the frontlines of the Covid19 fight. I am so thankful for all the healthcare workers!

The black spot at the top of the picture is the B-2. Very cool to see!

We had Brandon come out with us and we actually saw it! Steve and I were way more excited than Brandon. Thank you, Traci, for letting us know….very very cool.

Stay well everyone and wash those hands!

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