A Good Saturday

It’s Saturday and we are all home. Brandon seems to be enjoying his day off. He has talked about going back to day program in two wake ups. We have watched The Simpsons…almost through season seven now.

He is also being a bit obsessive about wanting a red soda. That would be regular, old fashioned Coca-Cola. Josh bought some the other day and Brandon loves it. I let him have one per day. Being home all day today, he wants one about every 15 minutes. No. Caffeine and sugar? Just no.

It is a beautiful day in St. Louis today. The sun is out, it isn’t too hot, and I thought today would be a wonderful day for Steve to put together the outdoor gazebo we bought last weekend. Josh helped Steve and I kept Brandon occupied and out of their hair, although Brandon did have to occasionally inspect the progress.

I was a bit worried about how this was going to work. Brandon likes to be with Steve on the weekends. It went pretty well. We watched some episodes of Friends. We talked about some animals. And he talked about the red soda.

Over and over and over he said “red soda.” He started getting close to my face when saying it. I tried redirecting him, but it wasn’t working. I started bracing myself for the tantrum and/or meltdown I just knew was coming. I did my best to ignore him and to encourage red koolaid.

Imagine my surprise when it just stopped. He stopped obsessing. He stopped saying those words. Brandon stopped himself before it became too much. There was no angry jumping. There was no hitting. Nothing in my house was broken.

Brandon is happy dad is done putting the gazebo together. Now they can talk about animals.

I don’t know what was different about today, but I am so thankful! It has been a good Saturday at home.

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  1. Janet Hughes says:

    A bit confused…. what is the new gazebo…..looking for more pictures😊…always fun to add to backyard comfort areas for the family!

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