Problem Solving

Brandon’s idea of problem solving is to ask Steve and I for help. If something isn’t working or he needs something, he asks us. While this may be considered problem solving, we have always wanted Brandon to be able to do some of these things independently.

If Mario Kart isn’t working, he asks us. If his headphones aren’t working, he asks us. If the laptop isn’t turning on, he asks us.

I am not very good at the technology stuff. I am quite happy with everything working when I turn it on. If it doesn’t work, I ask Steve. His profession is in IT and IS and he seems to be able to make anything work. Steve also has a bit more patience than I do for that kind of stuff.

One thing we have been working on with Brandon is keeping his iPod charged. The iPod is very important to Brandon. It plays his music and he can watch his videos. And it helps him drown out the outside world when it becomes too overwhelming.

He does not, however, like to do this when the iPod is plugged in to the charger. So what happens is he runs down the battery, it dies, and he isn’t very patient waiting for it to charge. Many, many episodes of angry jumping have occurred while waiting.

A few months ago, we purchased a smaller iPod for just this reason. There is an extra now for when the preferred one is charging. It took a few weeks for Brandon to use the new, smaller one, but he is finally use to it.

Once that problem was solved, I noticed we had a new problem. Brandon wouldn’t plug in the dead iPod for charging. He would grab the smaller one, but not plug in the favorite for charging. So, when the smaller one died, he would have no charged iPod. Ugh.

During our time at home together, I worked with Brandon on this. Over and over and over. I would notice he was using the small one and direct him to plug in the bigger one. He doesn’t tell me when he switches iPods and I don’t always notice.

When I did notice, I would tell him to charge the other one. He would not do this independently. Until yesterday. Steve and I were working on sprucing up our patio and Brandon came out to see what was going on.

I noticed he had the small one. See the picture below. Small, black iPod.

I immediately went inside to plug in the other one and found this.

He did it!! He plugged it in and needed no reminders from me!! Steve and I showered him with praise and lots of “good job”s. Brandon looked at us like we were nuts, as if to say “of course I plugged it in.” I think he probably did an internal eye roll.

Now, I have to work on him plugging in the favorite iPod before he goes to bed so it is fresh and ready in the morning to take to day program. This shouldn’t be too difficult and I am not sure why I haven’t focused on this before. But we shall start tonight!

In our house, we celebrate all the successes, big or small.

Stay well everyone!!

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