The Postcard

I always know when the mailman is at my house. The two dogs who live with us bark like wild dogs and are certain they could rip the mailman from limb to limb. Of course, neither of the dogs weigh more that 15 pounds, but….

I go out to get the mail (in the pouring rain), and found this addressed to Brandon:

His graduation was scheduled for May 11. Of course, it was cancelled, and rightly so. But that doesn’t negate the feelings of sadness Steve and I are feeling. We were so looking forward to watching Brandon walk across that stage and get his diploma.

We know his teacher, therapists, and paras are sad, also. Those are the folks who worked with our son for the past seven years. They saw Brandon every day during the school year and through summer school.

I wish Brandon had closure for that part of his life. I wish he would have his day to shine. One of these days, when it is safe to do so, I will take Brandon to his school so he can say good-bye to everyone who helped him.

I wish he could see his school friends again. There are a couple who are going to the same day program as him, but there are several who are not. I wish he was getting that closure.

Steve and I were looking forward to seeing all the people who worked so hard to help Brandon become the wonderful young man he is today. We wanted to thank them in person. I hope we are able to do that at some point. But right now, we are feeling sad.

One thing we can look forward to….the day we can get together with family and celebrate Brandon’s graduation. And Josh’s. And my great nephew’s. And my nephew’s stepson. That will be a wonderful party!

Stay well everyone!

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