To Go Or Not To Go

To go or not to go? That is the question weighing on my mind right now. We live in Missouri and we are slowing starting to open back up. And now that begs the question…do we take Brandon back to Cabelas?

Don’t let Brandon’s lack of smile fool you…he LOVES Cabelas.

When the stay at home order started, Brandon was very, very obsessive about going to Cabelas. He loves the animals. He loves talking about them. He loves seeing them. He loves everything about them. But we couldn’t go to Cabelas.

It took about three weeks for Brandon to stop asking for someone to take him. Lorie (Brandon’s awesome, wonderful support worker) would face time with him and all he would talk about was going to Cabelas with her.

It has been nine weeks since Brandon has been to his favorite store on earth. I have pictures of every single animal at Cabelas. He has no interest in looking at these pictures. He tells me “no thank you pictures.”

With the above scene at Cabelas, Brandon always says “put claws away play nice with friends in jungle.” Makes me smile every single time.

But he is no longer obsessing about going. Steve and I were talking about this last night. Brandon will now wear a mask. We can ensure social distancing. And we know he loves Cabelas. Do we risk it becoming an obsession again?

Of course we will take him. Of course we will take the risk of obsession. But I do think we need to handle it differently than we were before. Brandon loves routine and structure. There were times in the past when someone would take him simply to get him to stop talking about it. Brandon knew that would happen occasionally and took advantage of that. Smart kid!

That was our fault. If we say we are going one time per week, then, we have to stick to that. If there are tantrums or meltdowns, then we will just have to work through that. Brandon will get it eventually. It make take one week, it may take six weeks, but he will get it. One time per week means one time per week.

Here’s hoping we can stick to that!

Stay well everyone!

2 thoughts on “To Go Or Not To Go

  1. Debbie says:

    There is also the issue of how things will play out as we gradually reopen in the St. Louis area. What if you commit to once a week and things close again? Tough position.

    • stlautismmom says:

      Right??? We may take him this weekend, but we really are conflicted. We haven’t mentioned the possibility of going yet to Brandon. I know he likes routine and structure, but this one may have to be a surprise. I do think it will be a happy surprise, though. 😊

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