Three Day Weekend

I think the staying at home thing is starting to get to all of us. Steve and I snipped at each other all day yesterday. The rain does not seem to want to stop. And Brandon is obsessing about animals and which book he is going to read with Steve.

We decided not to take Brandon to Cabelas this weekend. I really don’t want to risk getting sick with the Covid. If I had to be hospitalized, who would take care of Brandon? And, God forbid, he would get sick and had to be in the hospital, he would be there all by himself. I can’t even imagine what that would look like. So, no Cabelas for us just yet.

Today has been talking with Steve about animals (again) and watching four more episodes of The Simpson’s. We are almost through season 8 now. I have always liked this show, but am getting a bit tired of it. But Brandon loves it, so we watch.

There were some bright spots, though. My nephew (he is 7 years younger than me and a really good guy) visited with us for some coffee and good talks. When Jim got here, I asked Brandon who he was. Brandon said “Alan.” Ummm, no. But Alan is my brother and Jim’s dad so at least he was in the right family.

Our friends, Shane and Suzanne stopped by this morning. Brandon was happy to see them and sniffed and smelled both of them. Brandon loves them! Suzanne loves to bake and has been doing a lot of that during the quarantine. We are so happy she shares with us. Of course, Brandon wanted no part of the blueberry muffins, which was fine with me. They were delicious!

When I think about the last ten weeks we have been “shut down”, i think we have weathered it fairly well. Brandon was home with me for six weeks and, all things considered, was really, really good. He seemed to get it.

We struggled with whether or not to send him back to day program when they opened back up. We did choose to have him return and I know in my heart it was the right decision for Brandon. He leaves every day with a smile on his face and talks about his friends when he gets home.

Brandon is home today because it is Memorial Day. We will grill and enjoy the sun (until it starts raining). And tomorrow, he will go to day program and see all his friends. If I am being honest, I am a bit jealous he gets to leave the house and see people who don’t live in our house. I am so happy he gets to, though!!!

I hope my USA friends have a nice, relaxing Memorial Day.

Stay well everyone!

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