Two different pictures. It took me about three weeks to convince Brandon to wear a mask. A friend knew of my struggles and sent a social story to help. It worked! Brandon will wear a mask.

Steve took Brandon to Dollar General a few days ago. Brandon (and Steve) wore their masks. Steve did let me know that Brandon wasn’t very happy about it, but he did it.

By the way, Brandon LOVES Dollar General. So do we. They have very inexpensive headphones and Brandon goes through at least three headphones per week. He also always gets a box of Zebra Cakes when we are there. Those are his favorite snack cakes.

See, wearing the mask as it is meant to be worn.

Brandon will wear a mask at day program. He gets on the van every morning with the mask properly placed over his mouth and nose. I buy disposable masks for Brandon at one of our local quick shops.

The last two days, this is how Brandon has come home from day program. I thought maybe yesterday was just a fluke. Nope. I will call tomorrow and ask the director what is going on.

He’s wearing his mask like a necklace. I don’t think they work very well like that.

Stay well everyone!

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