Visits, Donations, and Trees

We have had more visitors this week. My friend, Rick, came over to have lunch and watch some TV with me. My nephew Jim showed up yesterday morning for some coffee. And Steve and I hung out with our friends, Jeff and Anne last night at their house.

Jeff and Anne’s daughter, Lexie, recently graduated from college with a degree in special education. And she will be starting her career in the fall at a local school district. I don’t know if she wanted it, but I did give her some advice: listen to the parents and create goals that make sense to the student.

Miss Lexie is a good kid and I am certain she will be a great teacher for those with disabilities. She is going to come over soon and hang out with Brandon for awhile. Brandon will love her!

Today, our friends, Jessica and Caleb, showed up with donations for Brandon’s day program. Three computer monitors and a huge box of arts and crafts supplies. I will be sending the arts and craft stuff with Brandon tomorrow. Steve is still working on a couple more computers to donate later this week with the new monitors.

Remember, if you are cleaning stuff out, don’t throw it away if it can be donated. Jessica was worried some of the arts and crafts items might not be utilized. I assured her more than once that the day program staff and clients will be thrilled with all of it! There is something for every ability level in the box.

And finally, Brandon supervised the planting of the cherry tree Steve gave me as an early birthday present. I LOVE cherries! My hubby knows me so well.

It has been nice to be able to be outside this weekend. There was no rain and a whole lot of sun!

Stay well everyone!

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