Trying Rice

One of the areas I find more challenging about Brandon’s autism is his food preferences. He has a few select foods he has eaten for years: hot dogs, cheese, cheezits, regular potato chips, mashed potatoes, tacos with no lettuce, bacon, and a few other items.

To me, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to his choices. Some of his favorites are quite bland. Some are a bit more spicy. Some have a smooth texture and some have a crunchier texture. Of course, Skittles are his very favorite junk food in the whole entire world. And gummy worms.

Getting Brandon to try new things is hard. If it doesn’t smell good, he will not eat it. The shredded cheddar cheese he likes is from Aldi. If I get a different brand from a different store, he may not eat it. With macaroni and cheese, he likes the old fashioned kind with the powdered cheese. He will not touch shells and cheese, which I love.

Last night, Steve made some yellow rice with grilled chicken cut up in it. The entire time it was cooking, Brandon was saying “no thank you rice.” We told him he did not have to eat it. But when it was done and we were eating, he wanted some.

The following pictures are what that looked like.

Smelled it and from the look on his face, we weren’t sure he was going to eat it.

I guess it tasted okay. He ate four bowls of it!

And of course, he had his iPod right with him with his favorite movie, Toy Story, playing.

So, for now, we assume Brandon likes yellow rice. He did try a slice of avocado and that was a big “no thank you cado.” That was fine with me, more for Steve and I.

Stay well everyone!

One thought on “Trying Rice

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh my goodness, yesterday Declan was focused all day on trying rice. He must have seen a YouTube video or something because he talked about it all day. I made him some special – and he tried it which is big, but he didn’t like his. But hey, he tried something new! Glad Brandon did too and now has a new food to enjoy!

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