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Yesterday was a bunch of emotions for me. I did manage to get through the drive thru graduation for Joshua. Brandon went with us, of course. He seemed to enjoy being outside. He did discover the track is a bit jumpier than our wood floor at home.

There were some glances when he was jumping, but all of them were positive and happy. The seniors and their families were all excited. I really do hope we get to see something done for Brandon’s graduating class.

A picture of my two graduating seniors.

Today was a good day. My friend, Rick, came over for awhile. Steve got home a bit early from work. And then we waited for the van that brings Brandon home from day program.

When it was 10 minutes late, I assured myself they were stuck in traffic. When it was 20 minutes late, I called the day program. I got voice mail. Then I remembered we have no way to contact them after hours.

I called his regional office case manager, got her voicemail, and left a message. I was hoping she would answer and have a way to contact someone.

At 30 minutes late, I went outside and stood in the front yard. For five very long minutes. All kinds of thoughts went through my head. Accident? New driver who may be lost? I checked the traffic app and all roads were green.

Finally, after 35 minutes, I saw the van coming up the street. I took a deep breath and waited. The driver immediately apologized and noted he had a couple extra clients to take home today. Whew!

I also asked him to put my number in his phone so he could contact me if he is going to be that late again. He was happy to do that. He called me while sitting there so I would also have his number. He really is a very nice young man and he felt bad I was worried.

Brandon was completely unfazed by his late arrival home.

Once Brandon was inside and watching Steve with his just received original Nintendo (he loves that stuff!), I knew what I need to do. I will talk with the director Monday morning and ask her to make sure us parents have some way to contact the drivers.

When I was working with adults with disabilities living in the community with staff support, I had all the house managers have a binder with pertinent information on each client that must be kept in vans. Names, diagnoses, medications, emergency contact info, etc.

I am going to suggest something like this on Monday. I hope the suggestion is received well. I don’t think I am asking too much. Being on the parent end of this is a bit challenging. I am not the director. I am mom. And I worry.

Stay well everyone!

5 thoughts on “Needed Information

  1. Robyn says:

    That wait must have been so frightening. I used to work as personal care aid in a personal care home. My goodness, we had binders for all that useful information. Especially when we had the men out in the community. I think it is a great idea and I hope it is received well!

    • stlautismmom says:

      I was starting to panic a bit. The young driver really was sorry I was so worried. I hope it is received well, too. I imagine some of the other parents were a tad worried also.

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