The Chair

I was so excited Friday afternoon when I got the text message from my friend, Jessica. She and Caleb are having their first of the summer BBQ and they want us there. And Brandon was included in the invitation!

I immediately replied we would be there. I didn’t even take the time to ask Steve if he had any other plans. I was going with or without him.

Brandon was stuck on talking about animals for most of the day yesterday. How do I know this? Because he said it over and over. Those days are the hardest for me. Talking about animals doesn’t seem to scratch his itch. As soon as we are done, he starts asking to talk about them again. Over and over.

This was before leaving for our friends house. Not a very happy face.

Thanks heavens Caleb and Jessica know and love Brandon. He had a small tantrum at their house. Some angry jumping and general displeasure that no one would pay attention about the animals.

The angry jumping led to his shorts falling off and Brandon’s refusal to put them back on. He did have underwear on, which made me happy, because that isn’t always the case.

As Brandon started to calm down (he did put his shorts back on), Steve was trying out Caleb’s massage chair. Of course, I had to try it out, too. All four of us agreed Brandon should try it out, too.

I was a bit concerned about Brandon not being calm enough yet and would angry jump in the chair. Yes, that happens and Brandon has broken several chairs and couches in his 21 years on this earth. But those are our items. We did not want him breaking Caleb’s chair.

My concern was unfounded. Caleb helped Brandon get in the chair. Brandon was a bit hesitant at first, but as soon as Caleb hit the remote to start the massaging, Brandon immediately relaxed.

Finally calm and the look on his face says it all.

I know Brandon likes/needs deep pressure at times. I think we may have to start looking for one of these fancy massage chairs. Brandon loved it. He stayed in the chair for 10-15 minutes.

When he was done with the chair, he did mention animals, but it wasn’t nearly as often. It may have helped that dinner was ready by then. Hot dogs and chips always make things better, right?

Stay well everyone!

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