Pepperoni and Cheese

Brandon’s food preferences are a bit narrow. He likes what he likes. He really, really likes shredded yellow cheese. And pepperoni. He will occasionally eat pepperoni pizza, but he prefers these two items without the sauce and crust.

Last night he wanted “pepperoni cheese bowl.” I directed him to go make it himself and he looked at me like I had three heads. I do not know why I have never thought about teaching him to make this snack for himself.

He can do cheese in a bowl. I assumed just adding some pepperoni would be easy for him. And then I had to remind myself…Brandon has autism and he knows what he knows. Adding steps is sometimes quite challenging for him. It is my job to teach him these new things.

Brandon did each of these steps with me just guiding him with verbal directions.

We will work on not using the entire package of pepperoni, but he does love it.

Adding the cheese. He wanted to add the entire two pound bag of cheese. I did intervene at that point, because the rest of us like cheese, too.

Pushing the start button on our microwave automatically sets to 30 seconds. We work on appropriate bite sizes every day with Brandon. This bite was a bit big, but he was excited to try his new recipe.

Success!! And now Brandon has another food item he can make independently!

Stay well everyone!

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