Construction Zone

Whew! The last few days have been a flurry of activity. I took a small break from writing to focus on some of what is going on in my home.

Our oven died a few weeks ago. Buying a new one was a bit exciting for me since the old one was at least 15 years old. We opted to get a stove/oven combo and just replace both (which were separate and across the kitchen from each other).

My nephew is really, really good at the construction/remodeling stuff that Steve and I know nothing about. (If you are in the St. Louis area and need some remodeling done, BTM Remodeling is the call you should make).

While sitting around pondering what to do about getting the old oven out, my nephew suggested opening up the kitchen wall. I jumped on that as I like light in my house and this new opening will let in a ton of light.

When the old oven is gone (that will happen this weekend…you can see it in the picture), we are expanding my pantry. In a small house, space is at a premium and a bigger pantry will be WONDERFUL.

Thankfully, Brandon is able to go to day program while all the construction is happening. The sawing and hammering and drilling gets to me sometimes. I know it would bother him. Again, a small house means there are not a lot of places to hide.

I was a bit concerned what Brandon would think of the “construction zone.” He likes things nice and orderly and for everything to be right where he wants it. We moved pantry items to a bookshelf in the family room. Once Brandon was shown where the cheez its and chips are now being kept, he was quite happy.

Doesn’t everyone keep their food items in their family room??

Brandon likes his routines and reading a book with Steve is one of his nightly routines. He typically refuses to read with me. But not last night. He sat with me and read the entire book.

I’m not sure what caused this change. Maybe the changes in the kitchen let him know that change is not always a bad or negative thing. I don’t care what caused it….Brandon read a book with me!

Stay well everyone and I will give updates on our kitchen/pantry remodel as we go along.

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